Global Intelligent Mobility Conference (GIMC)
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Details for Conferences and Parallel Forum


【Main Forum】

Time: 9:30-12:00 am, June 25, 2021

Venue: Boutique Exhibition Hall, Hall A1, Jiangsu • Nanjing Airport International Expo Center

Scale: 1,200 people

Theme: Smart new travel, beautiful new life

Content: The implementation of the "dual carbon" goal will profoundly affect the development trend of the automobile and transportation industries, and change people's lives. In the face of problems facing energy, environment and urban development, green and smart travel is becoming an effective solution to accelerate development New energy and intelligent connected vehicles promote the establishment of a sustainable, efficient, clean and safe transportation mode, which is the key to creating a better life in the future.

The first stage: Leader's speech

Phase 2: Launching ceremony of new energy vehicles going to the countryside

The third stage: The launching ceremony of the Advanced Equipment Manufacturing Industry Development Alliance

The fourth stage: the main forum speech session

[Parallel Forum 1: 2021 China Automotive Industry Strategy Seminar

Cum "China Automobile Industry Development Report (2021)" Press Conference]

Time: June 25th, 2021, afternoon-26th, all day

Venue: Jiangsu·Nanjing Airport International Expo Center

Scale: 100-150 people

Content: The current macroeconomic environment is complex and severe, and my country's auto industry is facing huge downward pressure. This conference will focus on solving industry development problems, discussing industrial development policies, and judging industrial development trends, and discuss how to promote the transformation and upgrading of the auto industry and high quality Development, summarize the development of the automobile industry in 2020 and release the "China Automobile Industry Development Report (2021)".

[Parallel Forum 2: 2021 First (Nanjing) Smart Car Digital Industry Development Summit]

Time: the afternoon of June 25, 2021

Venue: Jiangsu·Nanjing Airport International Expo Center

Scale: 200-250 people

Theme: Digital Catalyzes Future Mobility Changes

Content: At present, the global automotive industry is in an era of rapid transformation from traditional industry to digital industry. The application of information technology represented by 5G, the Internet, and artificial intelligence in the automotive industry promotes the deep integration of related segments of the automotive industry . Intelligence and digitization not only deeply empower the development of the automobile industry, but are also changing the future direction of the automobile industry. Especially affected by the epidemic since last year, while consumers are paying attention to the quality and performance of automobiles, their demand for intelligent and digitalization of automobile products such as health, safety, and instant services has significantly increased, all of which have brought new opportunities to the automobile industry. . The summit will also release the research results of major research projects in the automotive electronics industry.

[Parallel Forum 3: High-level Forum on Low-Carbon Development Strategy of China's Auto Industry]

Time: Afternoon of June 25, 2021

Venue: Jiangsu·Nanjing Airport International Expo Center

Scale: 200-250 people

Topic: Driven by the "Dual Carbon Goal", how can the automotive industry achieve strategic transformation and upgrading

Content: The automotive industry is an important area of carbon emissions. President Xi Jinping put forward the ambitious goals of 2030 carbon peak and 2060 carbon neutrality, injecting strong impetus into the sustainable development of China's automobile industry. Driven by the "dual carbon" goal, how to transform and develop smart mobility? What role will emerging technologies play in it? How should China's auto industry adjust its development strategy? In the process of accelerating the formation of the new development pattern, what should my country's new energy vehicles do? All these are hot topics of concern and discussion in the industry. This forum will invite government leaders, industry experts, and industry companies to discuss the above topics.

[Parallel Forum 4: 2021 China International Intelligent Networking and New Energy Commercial Vehicle Conference]

Time: Afternoon of June 25, 2021

Venue: Jiangsu·Nanjing Airport International Expo Center

Scale: 200-250 people

Topic: Analysis of the development trend, application status and future of intelligent network and new energy commercial vehicles

Content: Interpretation of relevant policies and regulations in the field of intelligent network connection and new energy commercial vehicles; the current application status and future of new energy commercial vehicles in China; the development status and future trends of intelligent network connection of commercial vehicles; the development of new energy auto parts at home and abroad Achievements and trend analysis; application status and export prospects of new energy commercial vehicles abroad; sharing of experience in the promotion of new energy vehicles in the logistics industry.

[Parallel Forum 5: The 2nd Intelligent Connected Vehicle Ecological Cooperation Industry Summit]

Time: the afternoon of June 25, 2021

Venue: Jiangsu·Nanjing Airport International Expo Center

Scale: 150-200 people

Theme: Promote integration, win ecology, create the future

Content: The industrial ecology of the intelligent networked vehicle is a multi-party ecosystem. Participants include automakers, Internet companies, ICT companies, Tier1 suppliers and the government, in the context of the integration of the intelligent networked vehicle industry ecosystem , The integration of the automobile industry and various industries will be unavoidable. Participants should be more proactive in cross-border integration, open up the link between the automobile and other external ecosystems, and achieve win-win cooperation.

This forum will gather highly influential companies and experts in the intelligent networked vehicle ecosystem, as well as relevant government leaders, to exchange and share on the industrial ecology, technological frontiers, 5G empowerment, integration and innovation of intelligent networked vehicles and other hot issues. Through in-depth vertical communication and integrated thinking collision, we will jointly explore a truly win-win ecosystem and future-oriented collaborative innovation, and work together for the prosperity and growth of the intelligent networked automobile industry and ecology.

[Parallel Forum 6: New Energy Automobile Industry New Policy and Enterprise Development Strategy Seminar]

Time: June 25-27, 2021

Venue: Jiangsu·Nanjing Airport International Expo Center

Scale: 200 people

Topic: New Energy Automobile Industry New Policy and Enterprise Development Strategy Seminar

Content: New energy vehicle market development trend, introduction and analysis of my country's new energy vehicle industry technical route and related standards progress; analysis of strategies and policies for the development of the new energy and intelligent networked vehicle industry; analysis and discussion of the development environment of the automobile industry.

[Parallel Forum 7: Car Marketing in the Era of Live Broadcasting Economy]

Time: Afternoon of June 25, 2021

Venue: Jiangsu·Nanjing Airport International Expo Center

Scale: 150 people

Topic: How the new retail of car live broadcast clears the fog of the auto market

Content: The current online car sales are booming, but as a high-priced low-frequency consumer product that emphasizes experience and decision-making, a live broadcast is difficult to turn into an actual transaction. How to clearly, accurately and accurately express the selling points of automotive products across the screen It is the focus of the discussion in this forum to come out and continue to attract audiences, convert traffic into transaction volume, convert spectators into users, and clear the fog for the recovery of the auto market in the epidemic.

[Parallel Forum 8: The First Council Meeting of the Advanced Equipment Manufacturing Industry Development Alliance]

Time: Afternoon of June 25, 2021

Venue: Jiangsu·Nanjing Airport International Expo Center

Scale: 100 people

Theme: Empowering Innovation and Growth

Content: Under the guidance of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Machinery Industry Branch and other institutions, dedicated to supporting the development of China's advanced equipment manufacturing industry chain, engaged in research, development, manufacturing, sales, service, etc. on the equipment manufacturing industry chain, middle and downstream Relevant enterprises, institutions and institutions jointly initiated the advanced equipment manufacturing industry development alliance. The alliance will focus on the national innovation development strategy, with the purpose of promoting the high-quality development of China's advanced equipment manufacturing industry chain, promoting the upgrading and aggregation of advanced equipment manufacturing industries, helping advanced equipment manufacturing enterprises to grow strategically, optimizing the regional industrial layout, and cultivating emerging advanced equipment manufacturing enterprises With the goal of leading talents in parts and components companies, we will improve the industrial empowerment ecosystem of information and information, policy implementation, technological innovation, supply cooperation, and capital cooperation, improve the planning, layout, investment, service capabilities and levels of national industrial parks, and cultivate advanced growth Talents in the equipment manufacturing industry, adhere to the principle of "empowerment, innovation, growth", strengthen exchanges and cooperation within and outside the industrial chain, strengthen cooperation with all sectors of society, strengthen international cooperation and exchanges, and contribute to the continuous advancement of China's advancement of advanced equipment manufacturing .

[Parallel Forum 9: China Automotive Aftermarket Annual Conference and Summit Forum]

Time: June 27, 2021 all day

Venue: Jiangsu·Nanjing Airport International Expo Center

Scale: 100 people

Topic: Auto Aftermarket, Digital Enlightenment of a New Future

Content: The automotive aftermarket has always been a focus of capital. However, looking at the financing of the automotive travel field in recent years, it can be found that compared with the hot shared travel, autonomous driving, intelligent network and other sub-tracks in the new car market, The overall development trend of the automotive aftermarket has cooled to a certain extent, but the automotive aftermarket is huge, with a large number of enterprises and wide coverage, and the development prospects are still promising. This conference will invite representatives from the government, enterprises, and experts to discuss the new development opportunities, new growth points and innovative development models of the automotive aftermarket under the background of the accelerated development of the digital economy.

【Closing Ceremony】

Time: Afternoon of June 28, 2021

Venue: Boutique Exhibition Hall, Hall A1, Nanjing Airport International Expo Center, Jiangsu

Scale: 500 people

Theme: Smart New Travel, Beautiful New Life

Contents: 1. Hold the EVS34 & GIMC 2021 closing ceremony and release the consensus of the conference

2. Release relevant industrial policies and results

3. The award ceremony of the first Intelligent Driving Test Competition (Nanjing Division)

4. Announce the schedule and arrangement of GIMC 2022 to pre-heat the publicity for next year's conference.

 (Note: It is planned to be held concurrently with the closing ceremony of EVS34)







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