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Changan cs15,Changan cs15 e-pro. Колёсная база электроверсии E-Pro увеличена на сантиметр (2520 мм), общая длина выросла на 35 мм (4135). Ширина и высота прежние — 1740 и 1630 мм. Полная зарядка батареи ёмкостью 48,3 кВт•ч занимает 8,7 часа. Подзарядка с 30% до 80% длится 30 минут.

(Changan on IEEVChina2019)

Since March, the Changan CS15 has a purely electric version of the EV400. Outwardly, it repeats a gasoline SUV, an electric motor produces 55 kW (75 hp, 170 N • m), the battery lasts 351 km in the old NEDC cycle. And today at the IEEVChina 2019 exhibition in Beijing, a new battery modification CS15 E-Pro is presented: a “professional” SUV is already developing 120 kW (163 hp, 245 N • m), the range is 50 km longer (401 by NEDC).

(Changan on IEEVChina2019)

Sales of the CS15 E-Pro modification will begin in November. Prices have not yet been announced. Meanwhile, the EV400 electric car in the basic configuration 400e, taking into account the subsidy, costs 89,800 yuan (807 thousand rubles), and the top 400i will cost 98,800 (888,300). The Professional is expected to start at 100,000 yuan (898,650). The power plant of the E-Pro we will meet on other models.







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