Global Intelligent Mobility Conference (GIMC)

“The Ariadne's Thread Awards” The Scheme for 2020(The Fifth)Appraisal and Election of New Energy and Intelligent Connected Vehicles Industrial Chain



Ⅰ. Background

The Appraisal and Election of  New Energy and Intelligent Connected Vehicles Industrial Chain event is dedicated to display the image of new energy and intelligent connected vehicles domestically and internationally. The event strengthens the brand awareness of energy-saving, new-energy and intelligent connected vehicles enterprises.  It will promote new products and technologies of new EV companies, explore new ecology, new standards, new ideas, new strategies and new models, and actively create a first-class, professional and high-end international exchange platform .

The event has been successfully held for four sessions since its first session in 2016.The 2020The FifthAppraisal and Election of  New Energy and Intelligent Connected Vehicles Industrial Chain is now officially named “The Ariadne's Thread Awards”,represents the screening of high-quality enterprises, products and technologies in the entire industrial chain of new energy and intelligent connected vehicles, and serving a reference function for the exchange and cooperation of industries, enterprises and related institutions. Additionally, the event provides reasonable suggestions for the public's consumption choices, and make positive contributions to the healthy development of the industry. . In 2020, the range of selection will be further expanded, with greater impact, covering all links in the industry chain of new energy and intelligent connected vehicles, including new energy vehicle companies, intelligent connected vehicles, in-vehicle intelligent hardware, and intelligent connected system solutions, electric control, motors, key components, and operating platforms and other fields. For example, in the Awards, different fields are specified as  the fields of vehicle integration, virtual simulation, perception system, decision system, execution system, communication system, etc., highlighting the "Invisible Champion" and "the Unicorn" company in the specific field. The award ceremony will also serve as an important part of the Closing Ceremony of the 2020 World Intelligent Connected Vehicles Conference.

Ⅱ. Awards Description

Two categories are set in the selection, namely the Popular Model Award and the Excellent Enterprise Award. The Popular Model Award is obtained by the on-site voting + online voting of the exhibition audience. The Excellent Enterprise Award is selected by the selection committee of experts, by accessing new energy and intelligent connected vehicles manufacturers, in-vehicle intelligent hardware, intelligent connected system solution providers, industrial service institutions and other companies comprehensively .

Specific Awards:

Ø  Popular models of intelligent connected vehicles (passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles)

Ø  Popular pure electric (passenger vehicle, commercial vehicle) models

Ø  Plug-in hybrid popular (including extended range) (passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles) models

Ø  Popular models of fuel cell vehicles (passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles)

Ø  Popular models of gasoline-electric hybrid (passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles)

Ø  2020 excellent new energy vehicle manufacturers

Ø  2020 excellent new energy vehicle battery supplier (cell and PACK, BMS, separator, electrolyte, node materials, cathode materials, etc.)

Ø  2020 excellent electric system supplier (electric motor, electric control)

Ø  2020 excellent charging facility supplier (charging pile, charging station)

Ø  2020 Excellent Hybrid Power System Supplier

Specified  intelligent connected vehicles industry chain (upstream, midstream and downstream):

Ø  2020 Excellent Perception System Supplier

Ø  2020 Excellent Decision System Supplier

Ø  2020 Excellent Execution System Supplier

Ø  2020 Excellent Communication System Supplier

Ø  2020 Excellent Intelligent cockpit

Ø  2020 Excellent Autonomous Driving Solution Provider

Ø  2020 Excellent Intelligent Connected Vehicles Enterprise

Ø  2020 Excellent Virtual Simulation System Supplier

Ø  2020 Excellent Rideshare Service Enterprise

Ø  2020 Excellent Logistics Service Enterprise

Ø  2020 Excellent Value-added Service of Data Enterprise

Ø  2020 Excellent Intelligent Vehicles Industry Service Organization

Ø  2020 Excellent Industrial Service Park


III. Covered Fields

Automotive industry, Internet industry, microelectronics industry, new materials industry, intelligent transportation industry, communication industry, artificial intelligence industry, new energy industry

Covered Companies and Products

The New energy vehicle: pure electric, plug-in, hybrid electric / commercial vehicles

The Crew compartment: window glass, rearview mirrors, automative lighting, seats, air intake grilles, bumpers, steering wheel, instrument panel, body, foot pads, door trims, airbags, main carpets and other companies

Body chassis: tires, wheels, transmission shafts, shock absorbers, axles and other companies

Electric system: motor, electric control and other enterprises

Battery packs: batteries and PACK, BMS, separators, anode materials, cathode materials, etc.

Charging: enterprises such as charging piles and charging stations

Fuel cell vehicle manufacturers and their representative models

Smart car manufacturers and their representative models

Perception system: camera, millimeter wave radar, ultrasonic radar, lidar, high-precision map, high-precision positioning and other enterprises

Decision-making system: computing platforms, operating systems, chips, algorithms, etc.

Execution system: wire-controlled chassis, integrated control, execution agency and other enterprises

Communication system: V2X communication module, electronic and electrical architecture, cloud platform, security solutions and other enterprises

Intelligent cockpit enterprise

Autonomous driving solutions

Travel Service Organization

Logistics service organization

Value-added of data service organization

Core Technology of Intelligent Connection


IV .Participation Method

1.  Experts’ Recommendation

Recommended by industry experts, new energy and intelligent connected vehicles experts, experts in related fields, university professors and industry leaders

Enterprise’s Self-recommendation  ( registration form in the attachment)

Enterprises can download the registration form (the official website of the exhibition) and self-recommend


V. Selection of Professional Judges (proposed):

ü  Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering  Prof. Chen Qingquan

ü  Chief Engineer, China Automotive Technology and Research Center  Mr. Geng Lei

ü  Professor, Department of Automotive Engineering, Tsinghua University Prof. Tian Guangyu

ü  National New Energy Vehicle Major Special Power Battery Responsibility Expert   Dr. Xiao Chengwei

ü  Vice  President, Machinery Sub-Council of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Mr. Zhou Weidong

ü  Secretary-General, China Electrotechnical Society (CES) Mr. Han Yi

ü  President, AutoKnow Magazine Mr. Yu Xinmin

ü  CEO, Global Auto Media Group  Mr. Wu Yingqiu

ü  Editor-in-chief,  Mrs. Liu Chengfang


VI. Timeline for the Event

The start time of the selection is May 1st, 2020, and the registration deadline is August 20th, 2020.

Selection and award ceremony time (plan): September 13th, 2020

Location of the Award Ceremony New China International Exhibition Center (NCIEC), Beijing




Beijing Auto Square Exhibition Co., Ltd









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Audience Registration

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